Casa del Picky Eaters

Olympic Food Day One: Argentina


For my first post, an admission: I’m ever so slightly hijacking the Olympic Food Challenge, an epic project involving a dozen food bloggers attempting to cook dishes from all the nations competing at the London 2012 Games. Not really a hijacking. An homage, if you will. I only really decided to do it the night before the opening ceremony (sidenote: wow!) and so had to pick something that was both celebratory and easily achievable after a long day at work.

Inspiration came from a bottle of Torrontes in the fridge: Argentina, of course. Famous for good steaks, which hits the celebratory note, and chimichurri was one of those things that I absolutely love but have never gotten round to making at home. Yes, I know, I’m a complete heathen for serving white wine with steaks. Meh. It was too warm for red.

The meal was Heston-method* pan fried Aberdeen Angus Ribeyes with chimichurri, goose fat chips and roasted asparagus and tomatoes. The chimichurri was as follows:

3 enormous cloves of garlic

2 bunches flat leaf parsley

a few good shakes of dried oregano

About four parts olive oil to one part wine vinegar

Squeeze of lime juice

Red pepper flakes and salt to taste

Blitz the garlic and parsley to tiny pieces (but not as far as puree), then remove to a bowl and stir through the oregano, oil, vinegar and lime juice, and season. Refrigerate until needed. Dead easy. You can vary it by adding chopped onion, and other herbs.

Next time I’ll probably use a bit less garlic as it was pretty ferocious, even for a garlic lover. But it was beautiful with the steak and the run-off oil on the plate was good dipping for the chips, too. Success!

*The Heston method: season dry steaks with salt. Put a frying pan on a high heat for at least 5 minutes and add groundnut oil. When the oil starts to smoke, add the steaks and then keep flipping them, every fifteen seconds. Six flips of a 2cm steak will give you rare steaks. Remove to somewhere warm to rest and season with black pepper and more salt.


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